Creating the Concept of a Batch

This project was about:

  • delivering something that fulfilled regulatory requirements while enhancing data accuracy and workflow efficiency in our system

  • aligning teams and moving them toward the same goal

    • this included many conversations with various team members

    • information architecture diagrams that communicated current (problem) vs future (solution) state

    • communication share-outs each step of the way

  • prioritizing the deliverables to address the largest pain first, second, and third

  • working across the different teams/squads

At its’ core, this project was about introducing the concept of testing batch into our system. In order to appropriately address the problem, we needed to reconfigure the data model and create a UI that supported the new structure fully and transparently. The impact of this change touched the entire supply change, from testing technicians to inventory coordinators, processors to production planners, and even to our packaging and printing team.

jenn tran