Hi, I’m Jenn 👋

I'm a UX designer @FlowKana working on cannabis supply chain brainteasers.

I'm going into my fifth year as a UX designer and could not be happier. What keeps me excited about design is the diversity of people I get to serve—from farmers to small businesses, and knowledge workers to hardware engineers. Learning about the complexities of each industry, the needs of each user group, and figuring  out how to create compelling digital experiences for them gives me energy. The learning never stops in this field, and that's exactly why I am here.

Prior to Flowkana, I worked at Netflix, creating best in-class integration tools for hardware engineers. Prior to that, I designed at Nitro, Intuit, and NASA.

Outside of work, I'm an avid rock climber, whiskey drinker, cook, baker, and board gamer. 

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The design process...


...is just like this squiggly line.

The design process is just like that squiggly line. It starts off seemingly making sense (1)—but that's only because you don't know everything yet. Once you start doing your research, you start seeing all the intracacies and multiple dimensions of the problem, and that's when it starts to spiral and go crazy (2). You go broad with ideas, and continue working through the spiral... until suddenly (through multiple rounds of iteration and learning), things start to make sense and the swirls start becoming a straight line again (3).

The cool thing is that that squiggly line twists and turns differently with every new challenge.